Zaks Custom Cues

Just like your fingerprint, each cue is unique and individual. Although patterns can be replicated, the uniqueness of the timbers, combined with your individual specifications, will ensure that your cue will be the only one of its kind. When you choose to buy a Zaks Custom Cue, you are getting for yourself a piece of handmade functional cue art built with great craftsmanship and playability in mind.

Great Playability

The first priority of any good pool or snooker cue is playability. No matter how fancy a cue looks, first and foremost a cue should have:

  • Great balance to allow for effortless delivery of power,
  • A perfect combination of density and flex in the shaft for a perfect combination of responsiveness and firmness so shots can be played without much effort.

Each Zaks Custom Cue is inspected and tested before leaving the shop to ensure top notch playability.

Great Wood

A nice piece of wood is the foundation of any great playing cue. At Zaks Custom Cues, all shafts have been trimmed and cured for a minimum of 2 years. After the curing period each shaft is visually inspected and like the process many great instrument makers adopt we listen to the sound the wood makes upon impact. Resonance of the wood has a great effect on how vibration is transmitted down the shaft of your cue.

This process helps to guarantee the straightness of the cue and eliminate the chance of picking a "hollow" sounding shaft providing your cue with just the right feel.

Lifetime Warranty

All Zaks Custom Cues come with a life time warranty against manufacturing and component defects. Our life time warranty demonstrates not only our confidence in our cues, but also our ongoing commitment to you.

All warranty claims are subject to evaluation prior to approval. Products that do not qualify for the Zaks Custom Cues Lifetime Warranty can be serviced by Zaks Cues for a fee.

Zaks Custom Cues Lifetime Warranty only applies to the original owner of the cue for as long as the product is owned.

Zaks Custom Cues does not warrant its product against :
  • Normal wear and tear including tip, finish, and in some cases the ferrule
  • Modification or improper maintenance performed by third parties
  • Damage caused by exposure to extreme temperature or humidity
  • Misuse, abuse or mishandling

Money Back Guarantee

Zaks Custom Cues are obsessed with perfection. We are so confident you'll love your new cue, that's why we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your new cue we will rebuild it, refund it or replace it.